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An administrator or a help desk personnel looking after Exchange maintenance can truly understand the importance of eseutil. The command line tool - eseutil Exchange 2007 is developed by Microsoft Corporation in order to help Exchange administrator in repairing the corrupt Exchange database, verifying the state of database, defragmenting the database and compacting the database. Exchange Server and Exchange database contains the mailboxes of all the user communication through the Outlook email client and that is why it becomes responsibility of administrator to properly maintain them.

Nothing can be worse than damage of Exchange database for administrator. Damage of the Exchange database means loss of important emails, tasks, journals, contacts, appointments, etc. stored in the database. There can be multiple reasons behind the corruption of EDB file (Exchange database file) like dirty shut down, improperly exiting Exchange Server, corruption of file's header, etc. Developers of Exchange Server were aware about this; therefore, they developed eseutil.exe to help the administrator repairing corrupt EDB file and various other tasks.

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Once the EDB file has damaged, you as administrator run eseutil to first check its integrity using eseutil /g command. In this command /g is an eseutil switch and like this there are various other switches available that help the administrator to perform tasks like database defragmentation, database repair tool, and so on. After checking the database integrity if you find mismatch then you should repair the database using eseutil /p command.

While using Eseutil Exchange 2007 Software for repairing the corrupt EDB file, you must remember that it does not support .stm file. However, earlier versions of eseutil supports .stm file. Therefore, you are suggested to use eseutil of Exchange Server installed at your end. Another thing that you must consider is never use eseutil Exchange 2007 Software for online defragmentation because it does not support online defragmentation. You can use eseutil Exchange 2007 Tool for offline defragmentation only.

Eseutil Exchange 2007 Tool helps you bring the clean shut down state of Exchange 2007 back. However, sometimes, eseutil Exchange 2007 Tool gets failed to efficiently repair the corrupt database. This happens in case the database has major corruption. At the time when eseutil Exchange 2007 Tool has been failed to repair EDB file, you should take help of a third-party EDB repair tool.

Exchange Server Recovery software is a commendable Exchange repair and recovery software, which encompassed various scanning modes to help you repair all EDB file and recover lost data back with full accuracy. The tool preserves original Unicode characters (including foreign languages like Chinese, Japanese, French etc.) during the recovery operation. You can quickly search specific items and save them simultaneously. It can accurate refine specific emails or items from EDB file using calendar settings in date-range filter. It provides extended support to Exchange Server version 2013 and 2016, for recovering EDB file data. The software comprises following scanning modes:

  • Standrad Mode: It is the fastest mode of the software; therefore, takes less time in repairing the database. It saves the recovered mailboxes in PST format, which can be opened with any version of MS Outlook.
  • Advance Scan: This mode is comparatively slower than the first mode but produces finest result. This mode also saves the recovered mailboxes in PST format.
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