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Eseutil P command is reckoned as the repair mode and is used to repair databases at page and table level of the database. It is important to note here that this repair process might leave your database incomplete. This is so because while repairing the database, eseutil p command might delete rows and tables to bring the database back to consistent state.

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Always ensure that eseutil P is the last option for repair, so that if you are unable to replace or replay the transaction log files then you can restore your database from backup. Also, make sure that you use eseutil p after defragmenting of the database and integrity check using following commands:

  • Eseutil /D to defrag the database and rebuild the indices.
  • Isinteg to repair database at application-level.
Using Eseutil P

While you repair database using eseutil P switch, it might discard rows from tables or even the entire table. Eseutil P corrects issues in transport server queue database, mailbox database and public folder database at page and ESE table level. But it does not repair the database at application level and therefore, it is important to perform an application-level repair to alter the issues that might now exist at the application level due to discarded data. In order to do so, you can use Isinteg to perform this application-level analysis and repair the mailbox and public folder databases. Mentioned below is the basic command line eseutil p syntax that can be used for repairing a database with Eseutil:

ESEUTIL /P database_filename.edb

The Exchange Server Recovery software thoroughly scans the corrupt EDB file and then locates user mailboxes and other data from it. It then gives you the option to save the recovered mailboxes either is PST or in EDB file format. fetches users' mailboxes from it, and then allows you to save them either in PST format or in EDB file. Mailboxes saved in PST format can be directly opened with MS Outlook while the EDB file can be mounted on Exchange Server.

Eseutil P command looks at every Exchange database page and table to assure consistency and integrity within every table. Therefore, when you decide repairing your database with Eseutil P, then the process must involve the following three stages:

  1. Run Eseutil /P mode to carry out a database page-level and table-level repair
  2. Run Eseutil /D to rebuild indexes and defrag the database
  3. Run isinteg on mailbox or public folder database to repair database at the application-level

This method might leave you with lost data in tables and rows and hence you might find yourself in a haunting data loss situation. Save yourself from the horror of losing your important data and switch to Exchange Server repair tool. Exchange Server Recovery software is an eminent software that is capable of recovering data from corrupt or inaccessible EDB databases with utmost accuracy.

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